Hand Cut Steaks

Regardless of cut, what makes a really great steak is the weeks of maturing by experienced, time served butchers that turns it from bright red to a beautiful, marbled, deep red that is dry to the touch.

Matured on the bone

All the beef for our steaks is dry aged on the bone for up to five weeks. This process draws the water out of the meat, intensifying the flavour and tenderising the meat, giving you the tastiest, most tender and succulent meat that money can buy.

Our experienced Scottish Craft Butchers then skilfully hand cut and dress the steaks, ready for cooking.

Value for money

If you’re worried that buying steak from a butcher is more expensive than buying from a supermarket, you might be pleasantly surprised. Because our steaks are dry aged, they don’t contain lots of water so don’t shrink when you cook them. Comparing price per kilo on our steaks to pre-packed supermarket steaks can prove to be a real eye opener! One thing is guaranteed – you will never beat the flavour that comes from a steak that has been aged and cut by an experienced traditional master butcher.

Hand cut to order

It goes without saying that we are always happy to cut steaks to order. If you want to see the matured meat, uncut and on the bone just ask. We will bring it through from the cold store so you can select exactly what you want.

Hints and tips

Need some cooking advice, or a sauce to go with your steak? We can tell you the best way to cook whichever cut that you choose, and stock a range of premium sauces to perfectly compliment it.